Boris Nudin is Julia and Alek. Ah, and Bubu! She - a scientist, he - once studied philosophy, now supports startups in Google. And Bubu is a Small Münsterländer who loves to sleep all day!

It all started in 2020, when dating was somewhat of a hassle. When it finally came to spending time together at home, the sweatshirts didn't make us feel any more confident in these stressful moments - so gray and drawn. And you can go nuts spending the whole evening in jeans. We started looking for something elegant, comfortable and cosy. That is how we remembered about pyjamas!

After a long research, we couldn't find anything interesting for Alek - only the funny ones or the ones for the British lords. Then we thought it is actually a cool thing, these pyjamas. So maybe we should…

When we started, it was hard to stop - it took us head over heels! In any conversation, we always found context to start a discussion about pyjamas to find out as much as possible. Now, looking back, we admire our friends that they endured. And, in fact, they still hold on.

We discovered, spending time in our first prototypes, that the sun shines brighter in pyjamas, winter tea is always at the perfect temperature, and stains are arranged in artistic forms. That is why we decided that we should share these feelings and invite others to this world.

So ... welcome! To pyjaming, to morning dances, to evening readings, to all the most pleasant moments that take on even more colors in pyjamas.

Special thanks to Julia Bosski

Przybora, Bossque Magazine.

Photos: Łukasz Bartyzel